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General Dentistry

General Dentistry

Comprehensive, compassionate dental care is as close by as Dorion & Associates. Patients of all ages choose us for our gentle touch and commitment to bettering oral health across North Carolina. Whether you’re looking for a new family dentist to handle routine cleanings and maintenance or need something more involved, Dr. Dorion and his team are here for you. Contact us today to schedule a cleaning, extraction, root canal, or endodontic consultation.

Dental Cleanings

We all know how good a bright, clean smile feels, not to mention the pride of being deemed cavity-free. But did you know that good oral health is essential for proper full-body health? Regular dental cleanings will not only leave you looking your best but also ensure that you feel you your best, from head to toe.

During a professional cleaning, your dentist can easily detect warning signs of gum disease, broken fillings, cracks, chips, and other health concerns, allowing you to head them off before they require more involved treatment.

Pediatric Dentistry

Visiting the dentist can be harrowing at any age, but Dorion & Associates is on a mission to change the patient experience. Our great chair-side manner and a welcoming, calming environment make us one of the top choices for pediatric dentistry in Raleigh, Apex, and Chapel Hill. You’ll be greeted by friendly smiles, high fives, and a staff that cares about how you’re feeling. Contact us today if you’re looking for a positive dental experience.

Dental Extractions

Even the healthiest tooth can develop a cavity, chip, or crack. At Dorion & Associates, we prefer to avoid extraction if possible, opting to leave your natural teeth in place to avoid unnecessary trauma. However, sometimes injury or cavities make the decision for us. After a thorough examination and X-ray, we’ll provide you with potential solutions. If an extraction is necessary, we’ll ensure the procedure and recovery are as painless as possible and provide educational info for proper healing and care.

Root Canals

When facing a possible extraction, you may be able to save your tooth with a root canal. If you have a decayed or infected tooth, Dr. Dorion and his team can remove the nerve and pulp (the inside of the tooth), stopping the spread of decay or infection. After removal, the tooth is cleaned and sealed. This way, you’ll retain your original tooth with no unsightly filling or gap in your smile!

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

“Wisdom tooth removal” has an ominous mystique surrounding it. But the removal of the third molars, or wisdom teeth, is a fairly common solution for cramped or impacted teeth, and you’re going to feel much better afterward. If left unattended, these teeth can become infected, cause pain, or lead to other dental problems. If you are experiencing jaw pain or have wisdom teeth that need to be removed, schedule a consultation with Dr. Dorion. We can remove them pain-free with our in-office sedation options.

Dental Biopsies

Some health concerns require further study for an accurate diagnosis. At Dorion & Associates, we are equipped to take dental biopsies right here in our office. Biopsies can be used to help diagnose any number of diseases of the teeth and gums, including oral cancer. If you have questions or oral health concerns, schedule a consultation!

Endodontic Care

We put a lot of effort into keeping the surfaces of our teeth looking clean and white. But the insides need care, too. Endodontics is the care of the pulp and nerves inside your teeth, including root canals and endodontic surgery. When you have an infection, decay, or chronic pain, endodontics looks for the root of the problem and seeks to provide lasting relief. Don’t put off that filling or tooth pain: it might be a sign of a deeper problem. Schedule an appointment today!